Tuesday, April 28, 2009

walking in silence

i still remember..indah wrote this song..the lyrics..dat time i tot she made this song 4 me..hahhahha i'm totally stupid i am neva realize..n today aku curi da lyrics from his blog..hehhehe sori indah..but i really love dis song..still remember..i keep asking u to record it..i really mean it;p

Walking in silence
Did you hear my footstep
I tried to hide
So you don’t expect
Walking aloneAt the unknown road
Looking for place
Take me far…
From the place that make me suffer
Take my soul…
Erase the memories of you that I own
Walking unnoticed
For me to stopI am on my path
Searching for boundaries
For me to stay
Walking in silence,
Did you hear me crying…

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